January 1985 The Best Wool Club was organized by 8 futon manufacturers.
May 1985 Swing ticket promotion of the ' Steam & Dry Process ` was launched
by the club to differentiate the processed products
February 1988   Study tour to Australia and New Zealand organized by the club members and visited AWC in Melbourne, Australia and NZWB in Wellington, New Zealand
May 1988 ' The Wool Futon Convention '88 ` was held jointly with IWS at the Wool House in Tokyo to promote higher quality of steam & dry processed futons
April 1989   ' The Wool Futon Convention '89 ` was held jointly with IWS at the Science and Technology Hall in Tokyo
October 1989 Design of the swing ticket for the ' Steam & Dry' process was renewed to clearly indicate the logo, Woolmark and recommendation by IWS
February 1990   Members' products were exhibited at the ' JAPATEX 90 ` promoting campaign brand ' INSULANA `
January 1991   Members' products were exhibited at the ' JAPANTEX 91 `
Merino wool filled over body and crossbred wool filled under body futons were displayed together with 100% wool cover fabrics titled 'Wool in Wool, Wool on Wool'
June 1992   Woolblendmark for futons was launched to promote wool rich blended futons and only the club members were licensed
April 1993   Part of Woolmark specifications for futons were revised to up grade the qualities of filling wool
November 1993 A video titled ' Woolblendmark Futons ` was produced jointly with IWS and distributed to customer wholesalers/retailers
February 1994   Technical Committee was established to develop better quality wool rich blended futons to differentiate from wool poor blended ones
September 1994 Farnmark was launched and the club closely co-operate with Wools of New Zealand to promote the 'INSULANA' and Farnmark
January 1997   Monitor campaign of the ' INSULANA ` futons was proceeded to collect consumers opinions/comments
November 1997 Opinions/comments by consumers were studied for future product developments by the members
March 2000   Study tour to Australia and New Zealand was organized
February 2001   Promotion of the Wools of New Zealand branded futons is strengthened appealing the effect of steam & dry process
December 2002   Web site of the Best Wool Club is opened
July 2005   French wool society recognition "[Leines Mark]" is announced.

The 20th anniversary of club establishment party is held. Each French Wool Bureau H, chairman Arno, the [za] Woolmark company Jeff Robinson interior generalization manager, and British wool public corporation Richard [pasumoaekuzekutei;budei;rekuta-] Mr. participates.
March 2010   Joint development [Blend Eco with Laines de France] announcement of the best wool club and Teijin fiber Ltd.